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  1. Bikini Kleanse Day 2 [24 June 2014]Ryan’s not getting much of anything on the bikini kleanse. But: no coffee!
  2. The Bikini Kleanse Purse [24 June 2014]No coffee and no almonds! Ryan’s “flipped the switch” … but how long is he going to last on this diet?
  3. Sipping on the Men’s Kleanse [24 June 2014]Does the Bikini Kleanse sound a little girly? Obviously Ryan following the plan makes it sound more manly … but maybe they could tweak the name too.
  4. James Bond Board Short Kleanse [24 June 2014]Feeling hungry and miserable isn’t the only problem Ryan’s facing on his diet.
  5. Bring a little Glamour [24 June 2014]Ryan’s reading material goes well with his diet.
  6. 50 Shades of Green [24 June 2014]Did Ryan borrow a purse from his grandmother?
  7. Coffee Envy [24 June 2014]Ryan wants what Ellen has. Whatever it is.
  8. Syndicated Dreams [24 June 2014]Even while he’s asleep, Ryan doesn’t stop creating.

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