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  1. Watch out for the tenderloinRyan's such a gentleman. Except when he's heading into the haunted house.
  2. Who's swimming between Ryan's kneesThe studio is enough to drive Ryan to carbs.
  3. SuperfoodEllen brought Ryan a treat. But he can't eat it.
  4. Ryan's trip to VeniceRyan visited Venice as part of his high school trip.
  5. Is it safe to go in?Ryan knows he's safe when there's a boy-bander around.
  6. Georgia's morning routingEven Ryan's dog works like clockwork.
  7. Crawling into unwanted placesRyan sounds like a really messy traveller!
  8. Ry-sized bearRyan's not paying attention to instagram!
  9. Looking for an outRyan doesn't have good history with body paint, but that hasn't stopped him agreeing to it again.
  10. Clear waterRyan's really not a fan of baths.

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