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  1. Lost in Ryan's headRyan needs to slow down for a beat before eating all the things.
  2. New basterIt's not Ryan's first barbecue, but it might be his last with guests ...
  3. What's the difference?Ryan's a man with an opinion about age differences.
  4. Got glassRyan doesn't hang around.
  5. Flashing his ballRyan doesn't play tennis, but he's got the socks already.
  6. Not far to fallRyan's cracked his iPhone. But more importantly: he's baaaack!!
  7. In search of indigestionRyan's got it all planned out.
  8. Uncomfortable researchRyan had a problem watching his research where other people could see him.
  9. Long umbilical cord Ryan's such a good boy.
  10. Snapchat and then someEllen's son is approaching an interesting age.

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The radio stream has been very unreliable for the last couple of months and drops most days so we rarely get audio of Ryan's show. We will still post audio clips when we get them. If the stream improves again, we will probably switch back to the old site format with daily blogs, but for now there's no point.

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