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  1. Fresh laidSay, what?
  2. Hosting hiccupsDoes Ryan need a doctor or a scary movie?
  3. One number, one RyanHow's that cloning programme going?
  4. Fun with FaceTimeNobody wants an accidental FaceTime!
  5. Ready for a triathalonI'm already imagining the photos!
  6. Less of the voodoo doodooGetting a dream analyst sounded like a good idea ... until he started talking ...
  7. Crying in the locker roomRyan crying in a locker room? Hard to believe ... when did he last play football?
  8. Inside informationRyan knows what he means.
  9. Life's a gasGeorgia doesn't smell as sweet as she looks.
  10. Faking itLike father, like daughter. Ryan's setting a bad example for Georgia!

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The radio stream has been very unreliable for the last couple of months and drops most days so we rarely get audio of Ryan's show. We will still post audio clips when we get them. If the stream improves again, we will probably switch back to the old site format with daily blogs, but for now there's no point.

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