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  1. How does a chicken become an egg?Which came first? The chicken, the egg, or Ryan's chipped teeth.
  2. Every time you turn aroundSome of Ryan's friends can't keep their hands off each other.
  3. Where do you put your wallet?The perils or perks of jogging in sweatpants. It's clearly a matter of perspective.
  4. Time to take the sweater offRyan's had his favourite sweater a long time. Ellen even took it for a test drive! Well, who wouldn't want to do that. Is there an airbnb for sweaters?
  5. Not really a solidWhen is a solid not a solid?
  6. So on trendRyan's bang on trend with his denim on denim. For a girl.
  7. How do you milk an almond?Ryan likes almonds, but he doesn't know how to milk one and he didn't know they have a shell.
  8. Monday rolls aroundRyan's surviving his folks being in town.
  9. Too tall to rideRyan was first in line at the farmers' market last weekend.
  10. Trickery orderingRyan has an invisible friend with a fun diet.

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The radio stream has been very unreliable for the last couple of months and drops most days so we rarely get audio of Ryan's show. We will still post audio clips when we get them. If the stream improves again, we will probably switch back to the old site format with daily blogs, but for now there's no point.

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