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  1. The art of surpriseRyan's smoother than cocoa butter.
  2. Not a tub guyRyan's more of a shower guy.
  3. Feb 30th: a special dayIt's almost as if Ryan isn't ready to turn 40.
  4. If Ryan pees in the woods and nobody sees...Ryan has to hold it.
  5. Underwear amnesiaBetween putting his socks and underwear in the drawer and taking them back out of the drawer, Ryan somehow forgets where they are and has to pull all the drawers out.
  6. Not a hikerRyan had a little too much.
  7. Faturday trimRyan's at ease and his leg hair is the perfect length.
  8. Food DiaryRyan's serious about food!
  9. When a guy sees a girl ...What's that weird thing that happens with their eyes!
  10. Recreational boxersGreat coffee and recreational underwear. Who needs anything more?

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